How do I delete my SSH key?

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I need to delete my SSH key. How do I do that?

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Depending whether you're looking to remove an SSH key from your account, or just from your Linode, there are 2 different ways to go about this:

To delete an SSH key from your account:

  • Head over to the "SSH Keys" tab of the "My Profile" section of the Cloud Manager.
  • Click the 3 dots to the right of your SSH key and then click "Delete".

To delete an SSH key from your Linode:

  • Login to your Linode via SSH or Lish.
  • Open the file ~/.ssh/authorized_keys with your favorite editor. Examples for nano and vim can be found below:
# With nano:
nano ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

# With vim:
vim ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Whichever editor you choose, simply delete the key from the file and save.

@OP --

If you've ever logged on to Linode from your Linode, e.g.,

my_linode: $ ssh my_linode

you'll have to delete the appropriate entry from ~/.ssh/known_hosts as well…otherwise, you'll get a nasty error from ssh(1).

-- sw


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