Very pleased with my Linode80


It's not very often when people take the time out to say something good about a product, but I thought I'd share my Linode experience with the community.

I've had my Linode80 for just over 1 year now, and didn't do a lot with it at first, other than experimenting with different distro's. I now run a web server for a friend of mine on Debian 3.1, as they run a chatroom which requires a dedicated server (hence Linode being my choice).

Unless you have the money to put your own dedicated server in a datacentre somewhere, I think Linode is the next best thing. I've not had many issues, but when I have, I found the support ticket system very quick and I usually get a fix/response in just an hour or two.

I just hope Linode continues to develop, and doesn't get too commercial which is often the downfall for most hosting providers. Don't change a good thing!

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> I've had my Linode80 for just over 1 year now …

… which became a Linode 100 on Jun-16 this year. A quick reboot will get you your extra RAM.

See the announcement: Linode Three Year Anniversary and 25% additional RAM.



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