How do I change the console-mode resolution?

When I use terminal command line to connect to Debian system on Linode, it seems there is a resolution issues. It only show very small size of resolution.

I've screenshot the difference between Linode and Google GCP server.

I'd like to config the terminal as large as Google GCP server.


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Linode Staff

After logging into your Linode using Lish, you can set the size of your terminal using the stty command.

The Mac OS X Terminal program conveniently lists its size in its top bar for quick reference. With the example you have cited, the stty command would take the following format:

stty cols 177 rows 21

You can confirm the proper application of these settings using the tput command:

$ tput cols
$ tput lines

There is an important syntax detail here: stty uses rows to refer to the terminal's height, while tput uses lines instead.

Once you set these values, your applications should respect the dimensions you have configured! If your terminal window changes size, simply reapply the new size settings using stty.


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