Can Wireguard work on a device runing Virtual Machines

Hi, Can wireguard work on a device runing VM such that each VM instance passes their internet trafic through the VPN or must the set up be completed for each virtual machine? Or better yet, how different is the installation process if your going to run the VPN on virtual machines such as VMbox or other?

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I have not personally tried that setup, but I did do some digging around for you and found a few resources that might help you out. We do have our guide on setting it up on a Linode via our One-Click App, but I wanted to go deeper for you to see what I could find.

First thing I came across was on Wireguard's site. It's a page that gives you the ways to install it on the OS of your choice:

Wireguard Installation

It looks like the installation is pretty straightforward no matter what OS/distro you want to use it on.

This guide might help in creating a Wireguard network:

Wireguard Routing

If you scroll down on that page, you'll find a "Routing All Your Traffic" header that might be what you're looking for.

I hope this helps! I'll leave this open for other members of the Community who have more experience with Wireguard to give their input.


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