I changed my domain host from 1&1 to dynadot. How to re-connect?

I changed my non-profit's domain host from 1&1 to dynadot. The person who helped set up my non-profit's website previously had the 1&1 domain connected to the website content he designed through linode. Now that my domain is being hosted by dynadot, how do I reconnect it to the webpage that is hopefully stored within linode? THANK YOU in advance to anyone able to help. The guy who helped set up the website turned out to be a real jerk and left me totally in the dark about how to use my own website materials.

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Hopefully you have access to the Linode account and server hosting your website! Otherwise, we would advise that you gain control over your server as soon as possible, and ensure that your former developer doesn't have access to it anymore. I'll break your question out into sections below, as there are two essential steps you'll need to complete.

A/AAAA Record
You'll first want to ensure that your domain is pointed at your IP address by creating an A record, if you don't have one already. An A Record points your domain to your IPv4 address, and this allows traffic to find its way to your server. Without this, visitors would only be able to access your site by searching your IP address in their browser.

You can create or edit this record through whichever DNS manager you're using, whether it be Linode's or otherwise. If using Linode's DNS manager, you can follow these instructions:

Next, you'll want to ensure that you've got the proper nameservers set through your domain's registrar (in this case, Dynadot). Nameservers store the DNS records associated with your domain (you can think of nameservers as the phonebook, and DNS records as the phonebook entry). They are essential components of the DNS process, because queries need to know where to look in order to access your domain's information (and therefore access your site).

We advise you use the nameservers of the organization managing your DNS records. For example, if you are using Linode's DNS manager you would want to set your domain name to use Linode's nameservers. You would do this through Dynadot's website, since that is where your domain is registered (instructions provided in the link).

If your site is hosted at Linode, it's best practice to manage your DNS records through your Cloud Manager, and use our nameservers - this keeps everything in one place and improves efficiency; however, you are free to create a DNS setup of your choosing.

You are a complete angel! I think I may be able to stumble my way through your directions, but to be honest, it is over my head. Do you accept payment to help do this sort of thing? We are a small non-profit that helps the homeless of Oakland, so we are not rich, but willing to pay for your help.

@jtoscani I think I might have done it…?! I noticed it says the changes may take some time (several-24 hours?). Please stay in touch in case I didn't do it right lol. But seriously, I really appreciate your time. Hope this works.

Oh my gosh it actually worked. Coming from a person who is not well versed in this subject, I want to offer you a big genuine thank you on behalf of myself and my organization! You da best @jtoscani

@clarity --

You write:

I noticed it says the changes may take some time (several-24 hours?).

The generally-accepted time period for DNS changes to propagate around the world is 48 hours. Your time may vary depending on your ISP and domain registrar and how well-connected their respective DNS servers are.

-- sw

I'm really happy you've got everything up and running again! DNS can be incredibly confusing as there are many components involved - sounds like you managed just fine, though. Our Community site and documentation (like the ones linked above) are great resources when you're trying to navigate any subject matter, but you're always welcome to open a ticket with our Support team as well.


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