Linux with interface

Hello guys.
In my company we do interface tests with robot.
I tried to install interface in an Ubuntu distro, but was not work.

In Linode, are there some distro with native UI?


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Since Linode is focused on working from the terminal, we don't offer any distributions with a native UI; however, you're welcome to parse through some resources to help you successfully install a graphical interface for your purposes:

For full disclosure, I have not tried to do this myself and so I cannot vouch for the instructions provided, but they will help get you moving in the right direction. In addition, it's my understanding that installing and utilizing a GUI with your Linux Server is very resource-intensive, and so you may want to keep that in mind when choosing a Linode plan for your testing.

@julioback --

I hope your 'bot has some sort of timeout resiliency built-in… Otherwise, you're going to be chasing errors caused by high network latency from now until the end of time.

-- sw


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