Getting an error when accessing buckets from the linode cli


I am getting the following issue when I try to change the permissions on a bucket. It keeps saying bucket not found even when I create the bucket via the cli

➜ ~ linode-cli obj ls
2020-09-28 15:57 first-html-website
2020-09-30 13:36 sewa
➜ ~ linode-cli obj mb new-sewa
Bucket new-sewa created
➜ ~ linode-cli obj ls new-sewa
No bucket named new-sewa
➜ ~ linode-cli obj setacl --acl-public new-sewa index.html
No bucket named new-sewa
➜ ~

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Hey there -

I recently had another customer reach out about something very similar, and it looks like they were able to resolve it.

What we suggested was first making sure that the Linode-CLI was upgraded by running the following:

pip install --upgrade linode-cli

(You can use whatever package manager you prefer, I just used 'pip' in the example)

If you've already upgraded, I recommend checking your API token permissions in the Cloud Manager. First, navigate here, then clicking the ellipsis (…) next to your token name and choosing "View Token Scopes". You should have read/write access checked off.

Let us know if these steps work for you. I'll keep this thread open for further troubleshooting and discussion.


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