How do i upload 1000 text files to my Linode instance automatically

I am looking for a solution to upload 1000 text files automatically from the command prompt to my Linux instance. My local system has a windows O.S. and i dont want to use any third party softwares like Putty, FileZilla and such. Any help/insight will be much appreciated.

Edit: Also can i use pscp to accomplish this task. Because i tried it and got stuck in a password loop. If i use Putty i would first input my Linode Cloud credentials, then select the Linode Instance and then Log into that instance. By my objective is to be completely independent of third party GUI applications and just get this done via the windows console.

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@zains010496 --

You write:

Also can I use pscp to accomplish this task. Because i tried it and got stuck in a password loop.

If you add the public key for your Windoze box to $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys on your Linode, you won't get prompted for a password.

-- sw

@zains010496 You should be able to transfer files from an entire directory or multiple files by using a wildcard, *.

pscp c:\documents\*.doc [email protected]:docfiles
pscp [email protected]:source/*.c c:\source

But stevewi is correct, you'll need to set up public key authentication to avoid being prompted for a password.

You can use the below command to troubleshoot any connection issues, like a password loop. The connect will provide verbose output to the console which will provide more information about the cause of the issue.

ssh -vvv <user>@<IP address>

Thanks for the prompt responses, eventually i used the nano editor to change ssh authentication configuration from public key and now i can use the python programming language to sftp the files over to the server

@zains010496 --

So, your solution to a secure file transfer problem is to turn off all the security… I'm glad you don't work for my banking institution or financial advisor.

-- sw


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