What is the best way to collate server logs?

I'm running Ubuntu, gunicorn and nginx and I come from an Apache / cPanel background.

Is there a way to have all the server logs in a single place?

Is there a SaaS product that is half decent and cost effective for this sort of stuff?

I am using Sentry for bugs in my django app but I need an easier way of checking the server logs.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Devops is a new thing for me.


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I wanted to toss a comment here to get the conversation started. I'll preface this with a disclaimer that I haven't used any of these before - I still check my logs individually, because that's just the way that's comfortable for me. But I wanted to see what was out there so I did a Google search for 'Linux server log consolidation'.

There's a lot out there, but this blog post on Geekflare struck me as well-researched and thought out. There's a lot of detail put into it, so I wanted to drop it here for you in case you hadn't seen it:

Geekflare - Open-Source Centralized Logging

You'll have to take a look at the recommendations yourself and draw your own conclusions, but it seems to be a decent list.


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