Scale CPU/Memory nodes in LKE

I am playing around to learn Kubernetes.
I created a cluster with 3 Linode 4GB nodes.

What if I now want to scale up these lindes to 8GB?
From the cluster dashboard I can add more nodes, like 3 to 5.
I can also create a new pool, where I can choose the 8GB linodes.

But I actually want to resize the current ones.
What I tried: go to the Linode itself, choose Resize and then make it 8GB.

I did this for 1 node.
Now when I go back to the cluster I don't see this reflected in the cluster dashboard. It still says the cluster is 3x4 GB.

So I now have 3 nodes with 3x8GB but the cluster is saying 3x4gb.

Or does this not work??

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Hi @stefandevo!

A node that is part of an LKE pool is a regular Linode, which means our systems will allow you to resize the Linode as you wish. However, as you mentioned, the changes made to the Linode plan will not be reflected on the LKE Node Pools dashboard.

Resizes like this conflict with the design architecture of Kubernetes, and are not supported by our LKE service. The preferred, or supported workflow to increase (or decrease) resources for nodes within a pool would be to create a new Node Pool with your desired plan size, migrate your service over to this new Node Pool, then remove the previous Node Pool from your cluster.

In order to delegate which nodes will handle your clusters workload, you may want to look into configuring Labels and nodeSelectors within your Kubernetes .yaml files.


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