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Currently I'm a very pleased customer and have a linode 100 on host37 (located in dllstx2 of the planet). Needless to say, I purchased a server from the planet and was setup in their dllstx6 datacenter which resides in the same building as dllstx2, and thus my linode.

As I will still definitly continue to be a linode customer, is there any possibility to move my linode to the HE datacenter so I'd be able to remotely moniter my server at the planet? (IE: If there was a massive power failure at the one building, I'd never know about it because both my server at the planet, and my linode would be down and unable to email me a text message.)

I guess I could submit a support ticket for this, but I realised I don't think i've ever had to submit a ticket.. credit to linode there! If I don't hear a reply from caker or mike in a few days, I'll open a ticket.



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