My one concern about Linode bare metal servers

I've been looking forward to bare metal servers ever since Linode announced that they were planning to release them as a product in a blog post, but there is one thing concerning me, and that is IPv4 addresses.

I want to use bare metal servers to rent out virtual machines to my customers and for that each virtual machine will require one IPv4 address and one (or more) IPv6 address(es). With RIPE completely out of IPv4 addresses, the only place I will be able to get them from is Linode.

Is Linode aware of this problem and making plans on the number of IPv4 addresses they can allocate to bare metal server customers for virtual machine purposes? Or are there not going to be any additional IPv4 addresses allocated? If no more IPv4 addresses will be or can be allocated it kind of kills the whole point of the product for me.

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Hey @Cromulent - we're all really excited about Bare Metal, too. :)

I asked around for you, and Bare Metal IP provisioning (for both IPv4 and IPv6) will work the same way as it does for any Linode. Currently, if you need additional IPs for your server, all that we ask is that you open a Support ticket specifying how many more IPs you need along with technical justification for the request.

If you haven't already, you can sign up for our Green Light beta program for early product access and testing, including Bare Metal. Just fill out the form here.


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