problem CreateDomainRecord with linodego

I'm trying to create a new A record in a domain that linode is hosting. The code is in go and using linodego. When I call CreateDomainRecord(), I get back the following error "[tag] tag is not valid". The tag I'm using is eezhee and it has already been created with a call to CreateTag. Does anyone have an idea why I'm getting this error?

recCreateOpts := linodego.DomainRecordCreateOptions{
            Type: linodego.RecordTypeA,
            Name: "www",
            Target: "",
recCreateOpts.Tag = strCopy("testTag") // can't assign a constant

        newRecord, err := m.api.CreateDomainRecord(context.Background(), checkDomain.ID, recCreateOpts)
if err != nil {
    return err

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If I call ListTags, it returns my tag so I'm sure that exists before I try and add the A record to the domain.

I'm debugging into the linodego source and here is the JSON that is sent as part of the API call.


I'm not sure if it matters but the tag I'm trying to add to a domain record is not attached to the domain. This is because the domain is shared across multiple projects and the tag is project specific.

The goal of tagging the A record is that a tool I'm creating will know which projects each A record belongs to.


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