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I'm using Linode's DNS servers as secondary DNS, and I got an email notification telling me to update my master DNS's allow-query, allow-transfer, and allow-notify lists. What does this mean, and how do I do it?

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This can definitely be confusing if you're not sure what to look for or where to go. It's important to note that unless you have manually configured a master/secondary (slave) DNS setup, there’s no need to take any action.

The email being referenced is regarding the upcoming Atlanta DC facility upgrades. During the upgrade process, one of the Linode transfer servers is getting a new IP address. The notification you received is making sure that your primary DNS server is accounting for the change in IP address.

To be clear: You shouldn't need to make any adjustments to your secondary DNS. The changes that need to be made are in the configuration of your primary DNS server.

If you're not sure how to identfy your primary DNS server, check to see which IP address your secondary DNS (also referred to as a slave domain) is pointing to as a master nameserver. That is your primary DNS server. You can view this by following these steps:

  • Log into your Cloud Manager
  • Click the Domains tab
  • Select your secondary/slave domain
  • Look for Master Nameserver IP Address

If you don't see the transfer server IP there, the lists mentioned (allow-query, allow-transfer, and allow-notify) can be found in the /etc/named.conf file located on the primary DNS server. This is described in our Set Up DNS Services on cPanel guide. There you can see a list of IPs separated into allow-query, allow-transfer, and/or allow-notify lists. Here's the example from that guide:

allow-transfer {;;;;;
 also-notify {;;;;;

From there, you will want to update the file so that the old transfer server IP is replaced with the new transfer server IP as described in your email.

The entire list of IPs for DNS transfers (AXFR) is in our DNS Manager guide here in step #2: DNS Manager: Add a Domain

The cutover date for the new Atlanta DC upgrades is currently set for December 15th, so you'll want to make sure you're updating things prior to that date.


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