High CPU Usage Mysql

Hi, I am browsing my websites. when I tried to browsing, CPU usage is more than 100%. ca you give me some assistance on this please and websites are getting very slow.

Looking forwards to hearing from you ASAP.


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Hi Guru! I'd recommend running the top command on your Linode to figure out which processes are using the most CPU time. We have a guide on top here:

Using top to Monitor Server Performance

From there, if you find that MySQL or Apache are using all available CPU time, consider resizing to a larger Linode plan. You may also want to try optimizing MySQL or Apache:

Tuning Your Apache Server

How to Optimize MySQL Performance Using MySQLTuner


Try to:

  1. Find slow queries in slow log file.
  2. Use command "show processlist" to display MySQL current queries.

Also you could see some resources about MySQL Performance at https://github.com/Releem/awesome-mysql-performance


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