Mysterious kernel

Does anyone know how the mysterious Linode kernels end up on my system? It's not a package, it's not in /boot, it's not mentioned in grub.cfg and it's not mentioned anywhere in /etc.

I'm at a loss?


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They exist on the host, and QEMU loads them directly to start the Linode. The QEMU command line supplies the path to the kernel and the kernel command line like what you'd specify in a grub config yourself. Modulo the occasional patch applied to fix an issue Linode is seeing, they are vanilla kernels whose sources are obtained from, and you can get the config the kernel you are running was built with from /proc/config.gz

Thanks for that. Is there a way to see or control this? Or see when a new kernel will be applied?
It does seem very well documented, or maybe I just can't find it.



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