Linode Object Storage and WHM S3 Compatible Backup

I have been trying to use Linode Object Storage for my WHM backups on my linode server. Each time I cannot validate the destination. The WHM error reads, "Error: Validation for transport “backupobject” failed: Could not upload test file: Timeout". The error_log has, " info [xml-api] Validation for transport “backupobject” failed: Could not upload test file: Timeout [backup_destination_validate] version [1]."

I know that I am using the right information and access key/secret because I have tried a number of times. Any ideas?

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Hey there -

I'm not that fluent in cPanel/WHM backups, so I did a little digging around online and found a guide that might help. This was written to show how to back up WHM specifically to S3-compatible storage:

How to configure Amazon S3 backups in WHM

I hope that helps. If you're still getting errors after following that guide, let us know!

I found the answer here:

The way to avoid this issue is not to include the bucket name in the "S3 Endpoint". WHM adds the bucket name to the endpoint.


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