MySql/MariaDB: innodb_status_output is turned on automatically

How do I determine what's causing innodb_status_output to be turned on automatically by MariaDB? I'm running Galera on a 3 node cluster on CentOS.


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I'm not 100% sure this will solve it for you, but I did some digging around online and it could be that all you need to do is run the following:

set global innodb_status_output=OFF

I found that in MariaDB's doc, which I'll link you below:

InnoDB status monitor gets enabled after server startup

Let me know if that works for you.

Thanks, rgerke. I appreciate the help. That command will turn off the monitor, but it will be turned back on automatically under certain conditions, as listed here:

  • A long semaphore wait
  • InnoDB cannot find free blocks in the buffer pool
  • Over 67% of the buffer pool is occupied by lock heaps or the adaptive hash index

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