chang the file permissions to allow my limited user to exicute a process?

I installed the icecast package in Ubuntu on my server. However, when I'm logged in as someone other than root, it will not let me work with the directory. It says the directory doesn't exist. Additionally, when I go to download the file using WinSCP, it tells me that permission is denied. I'm trying to form a chmod command that will allow my limited user to execute the directory, and the files therein, so that I can disable my root login. I'm coming up empty. the path is: /etc/icecast2. I want to give my limited user access to this, but am coming up empty. Please help me if you're able.

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It's not just permissions that affect your ability to do what you want but ownership as well. These are two different things and the filesystem uses them TOGETHER to determine a particular user's capabilities (even roots).

Here's a tutorial on changing permissions:

Here are some examples about how to change ownership:

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