DNS Manager - Now in Beta

Linode Staff

The DNS Manager is complete and ready to be pushed out into beta.

Linode.com's Managed DNS service allows you to host your domain name on our authoritative-only DNS servers across our two datacenters, all managed via a web-based interface located here:



Adding/Editing Zones, including TTLs on all records

NS Records - including subdomain deligation

MX Records - including subdomain deligation

A Records

AAAA Records (IPv6)

CNAME Records

TXT Records

SRV Records

High/unlimited number of zones

A Pending zone status, for use while making edits

named-checkzone report for error checking

To Do / version 1.1:

Slave Zones - slaves off your master nameserver

Add additional DNS servers that slave off Linode's nameservers

If you do find a bug, I'd appreciate it if you'd post it as a new topic in this forum, rather than replying to this thread.

Thanks for testing in advance!


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What do I set my nameservers to be for my domain provider?


What do I set my nameservers to be for my domain provider?
As you might see when you add a domain to the DNS Manager: ns1.linode.com and ns2.linode.com.

That's what I thought. I'd rather be thought slow than just assume that I guessed correctly.

It'd be nice to be able to copy part or all of a domain name to another domain setup.

E.g., I want to point my MX records for multiple domains to Googles mail servers.

Also, it'd be nice to be able to bulk enter entries.

Just started using it, so far so good. Thanks for another great service. I'm looking forward to slave zone support too.


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