High CPU Usage

I have been noticing high CPU usage and website getting hang for last few days. Sometime the CPU usage exceeds 200% and that time there is very less traffic. Can you please look into the issue and let us know what is causing this.

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You do know that the support team has no access to your Linode, right?

Have you tried diagnosing this yourself? There are lots of tools available to do this…top(1), htop(1), etc. See:


— sw

Hi there -

It's correct that Support does not have access to your Linode's internal configurations, but we do have some resources that will help you investigate high CPU usage.

Here's a post from here in the Community that gives detailed troubleshooting steps:

Investigate the Cause of High CPU Usage

We also have a guide on using the top command, as is mentioned in the above post:

Using top to Monitor Server Performance

I hope this helps you out!


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