how do i find my files and update it .

Hello, i deployed a flask application on a linode server but due to setting up packages and blueprint, i did not update all the routes so i am getting a 500 error. I want to know where i can locate my files on the server and make the appropriate changes.

hint: i used SCP to move my files from my local machine to the linode server and not with a git clone.

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I'm not familiar with Flask, though I did some research and found the following post that might help locate files in a Flask app:

python flask browsing through directory with files

I also found a section on Flask's website that discusses project structure, though yours might be set up differently:

Project Layout

Aside from that, I would recommend trying the find tool on your Linode. This could be done by doing something like the command below, where I'm looking for my .gitconfig file:

find /home -name .gitconfig

This outputs an absolute path where the file is located:

There's a couple of guides that I think help with tips on using the find tool:


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