Plex server unreacheable on app


I installed and configured plex server. It is working fine on the localhost web address.. Music, photos, Videos everything works great!

When I sign in to my plex account in the player app, the server status says unreacheable.

Please help!


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I checked the port is open in linode.

@wanyran I'm sorry to hear that you're having trouble reaching your Plex media server from the player app. There could be a few things causing this, and it's best to review the logs before you begin investigating. This will help point you in the right troubleshooting direction.

That being said, Plex has an article with general troubleshooting steps to take when the app can't connect to your media server. One of these steps is to verify that your server is listed as a device.

Additional Resources:

I hope this information is helpful and feel free to reply with any additional output.


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