Can Prosody and Jitsi run on the same server?


I started with a Marketplace installation of Jitsi and configured it to work with my domain. I then decided to configure Prosody on the same machine to handle regular xmpp p2p and group chats. General configuration:
meet.domain is Jitsi server
chat.domain should be xmpp chat server
room.domain should be xmpp group chat server

In Linode DNS setup I have an A record for meet, chat, and room that all point to the server's IP address. I configured Prosody to use chat.domain and room.domain but in my browser when I go to https://chat.domain, it takes me to the Jitsi page.

Is what I'm trying to do possible, or do I need 2 different servers?

Thank you!

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First, let me answer this for you:

Can Prosody and Jitsi run on the same server?

Yes. Prosody is actually included in the Marketplace app, and is installed with Jitsi upon deployment so you don't need to install it separately. Our doc on the Jitsi One-Click App shows you what's included in the installation:

How to Deploy Jitsi with Marketplace Apps

As for the URL setup, I'm not all that familiar with Jitsi/Prosody so I took a look online for you and found this on Jitsi's help documentation. It states the following:

The only FQDN you need is It will download assets from there and will use to communicate with the xmpp server.

Jitsi Community

Does that answer your question? If not, feel free to let us know what is or isn't working here in the thread, so we can continue to help you out.


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