Want to host website on linode

My web application is built in MEAN stack and currently hosted on ec2 instance of AWS, i want to shift the deployment to linode, not sure about the services that linode offers. How can i do that and what pricing plan will be suitable for that?

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Hey @zeshanvirk. Linode is an unmanaged cloud infrastructure provider, and this is definitely something that we can support on our platform.

Before bringing anything over, I'd suggest skimming through our Migrating to Linode guide first. It has some good tips for migrating services from another provider to ours, including methods for transferring data: Best Practices when Migrating to Linode

Depending on how you want to go about it, you can even deploy a MEAN stack all in one step using one of our Marketplace Apps. This may significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get things up and running. Once you deploy your MEAN stack server, you would then transfer your data after-the-fact. We have instructions for deploying the app here: How to Deploy MEAN with Marketplace Apps.

In terms of pricing and plans, you can scale up or down as needed at any time. I would recommend figuring out what specs you're running right now (RAM, storage, CPU, etc.) and then choose something comparable from our plans. We have some more suggestions on choosing a plan in this guide: How to Choose a Linode Plan

I can't speak for your current plan with AWS, but I can tell you that a 2GB Linode plan ($10/month) tends to be a pretty good starting point for a lot of customers. If you determine that you need more or less resources, you can change your plan after-the-fact by following the steps in our resizing guide here: Resizing a Linode


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