personal cloud and a business migrating from aws

I just signed up with linode to use as a personal nextcloud server. I'm planning on migrating a business website to linode that will be managed by someone else. Should I sign up for a new account with a different email address or can I add a product to my existing account and restrict the administrator to the other account?
Thanks -r

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Hey @r0dzilla. It ultimately depends on the access you want the other person to have.

If you don't want to make a separate account, you can always create a new restricted user and just deny access to specific account details and/or services. The restrictions can get pretty granular, and include read, read/write, or zero access for individual Linodes. This means you can create a restricted user account that only has access to one particular Linode within the Cloud Manager. Depending on your preferences and what you want the other person to manage, you'll also most likely want to limit the user's access to account billing information.

I would recommend trying it out ahead of time by creating a test user, limiting the restrictions, and then logging in as the test user to see exactly what they can see. We have instructions and guidelines for creating restricted user accounts for developers here: Create an Account for a Developer to Work on Your Linode

Our Accounts guide has some great info, too: Accounts and Passwords

We also have a separate guide that includes some best practices when migrating to Linode here: Best Practices when Migrating to Linode

Otherwise, if you'd rather set up a separate account, you can do that, too. It's totally up to you. :)


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