Updating Minecraft Version

Is there an easy way to update the version of Minecraft on the server?

I have seen posts suggesting to download the world files to your home computer before launching an updated version but unsure of how to safely do this.

What would be the programs or steps I need to take to do this?

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If you're using our Minecraft One-Click App, or LinuxGSM if you're running a Bedrock Minecraft server, you can update your server directly through the LinuxGSM tool on the Linode's command line. You'll need to update LinuxGSM first to ensure it has the most recent update information available, then your Minecraft server. The update-lgsm command will update LinuxGSM, then ./mcbserver update (where ./mcbserver is the name of your game server) will update Minecraft for you. You can also take a backup of your game server using ./mcbserver backup to create a compressed version of your game files in case something were to go wrong. Backing up your Linode as a whole is also a good idea before making major changes.

If you're not using LinuxGSM or our One-Click App, could you provide a bit more information here regarding what installation tool you're using? Other Minecraft players who frequent this forum may be able to help too.

Thank you jyoo.

I should have been a little clearer. I used the One-Click app to set up a Java Minecraft server.


Still not sure how to update the java version through command line.

Hey @LearningasIgo - Sorry, I should have been more clear! Our Minecraft Marketplace app uses LinuxGSM as well, so the general steps will still be the same as what I described. Your filepath may be ./mcserver rather than ./mcbserver since you're using Java instead of Bedrock. LinuxGSM's documentation may be helpful as well.


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