Can I install cyberpanel on my wordpress server ?

I have an linode intance with installed one-click wordpress server. Can I install cyberpanel on the same server?

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Our One-Click/Marketplace App for Wordpress deploys on Debian 9. It looks like Cyberpanel is only available for specific versions of CentOS and Ubuntu, and a comment on the linked webpage from Cyberpanel indicates that they do not plan to support Debian. Based on this, I don't think that you'll be able to install Cyberpanel on your Wordpress Linode. You would need to either install it on a separate Linode running a compatible distro, or if you want to keep Wordpress and Cyberpanel on the same Linode, you would need to create a Linode with a compatible distro and manually install Wordpress on it.


I just saw this post and want to clarify that you should not install Cyberpanel or other control panels on the existing WordPress server, it will cause the issue. Please consider launching a fresh server, install CyberPanel, then migrate your site to the Cyberpanel server.

If you only have one site and no extra functions needed, e.g. mail. Maybe the OpenliteSpeed WordPress app is an option for you.



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