Very low bandwidth when running nmap scans

I have been trying to run nmap scans off of two linodes hosted from the dallas server. I am located in Houston and have noticed that my bandwidth is lower than 1 mb/s. Any help?

edit: I have gigabit internet at my house.

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Hey @pancakes. I know this is a few days after-the-fact, but I wanted to see if you were still having issues with bandwidth out of our Dallas data center. I tried spinning up a Dallas server myself and running a few nmap scans, but I didn't have any issues. I can also confirm that there were no other reported networking issues with Dallas at the time of your posting.

With the info you shared, the best guess I have here is that it could have been a potential routing issue from Dallas to the endpoint you were trying to scan.

To see if there is a breakdown occurring along the network route, I'd recommend running an MTR report from your Linode to the IP(s) you're scanning. The MTR report will display the network route being taken from one point to another. Normally, you'd want to run a report in both directions (towards and from the IP you're connecting to) to help isolate any routing issues, but that may not be possible unless you have access to both servers.

We have a guide on installing, using, and reading MTR reports here: Diagnosing Network Issues with MTR

This other Community post has some nice tips on running and reading the reports, too: How can I diagnose a network connectivity issue?

If you're still having issues with bandwidth otherwise, feel free to open up a Support ticket with our team and we'll be happy to take a look on our end.


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