How to logout from Linode manager?

I don't seem to find logout button in new Linode manager, sorry for my silly question.


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Hello! If you click your username in the upper right corner of the screen, then you can select "Log Out" from the dropdown menu. It'll be the last option on the rightmost column of options under "My Profile".

That's certainly unusual, could you open a ticket and let us know which browser you're using, whether it's on PC or mobile, and the browser version if possible? Be sure to include any browser plugins or addons you're using as well. That way we can investigate on our end.

Aside from the button, you can log out by visiting

I have this same issue, I have to use incognito browser to login from a different account, so annoying… Honestly this kind of thing is why I moved 99% of my infrastructure away.

It's 2021 and no logout button. I miss the old Linode that I used to be able to brag about. The Linode that had working features, servers that didn't crash every other week, features that didn't crash every other week, cpu theft wasn't rampant… I wonder what happened.


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