My account password changed and my VPS shutted down

just 1 hour ago i noticed that i lost my access to my vps, so i tried to login to my account, and i got the error "Username or password incorrect."
then i used the forget password option and forget user option, but didn't received any email from linode to reset my password.
and username:xxxx
and now i cant make a support ticket without signing in to linode.

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Hi @Kirkalan. For situations like this, we recommend reaching out to our Support team directly via email at From there we can share account information once we've located the account and authenticated you as the account owner.

When reaching out, make sure to include the same information you provided above (email/username), as well as the last 6 digits of the payment card attached to your account.

So that you're aware, we've also removed your username/email from your initial post for security reasons.

Thank you for your reply @jdutton
i sent an email to linode support.
but this is so wired, i should at least receive an email about account password change or email change.
but i didn't received anything.
i had lots of unsaved work on my vps that are gone.


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