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Is there a Linode office in India? I am helping a group set up a web site. They were asking if there is any office in India to whom they can contact if there is a question.

Second question is about payment method. The group does not have a credit or debit card. On Linode site I found that they accept checks also. But should they have to send the check to US headquarters? Is there any place in India where Linode collects payments?

Finally, for payment made in India, how is GST applied? For example if we use a 2 Gb machine for which cost is $10 per month. Does that include GST or any other tax? Or is that calculated separately? That is not a big issue if we use credit card. But if we have to write a check, we would need to know the total amount.



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@rahulsv --

AFAIK, the only physical Linode office in the world is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. As far as sending them checks from India, if you're going to do that, I would pay several months in advance (say, quarterly or semi-annually)…not monthly…because of the mail transit time between India and Philadelphia.

I can't answer your other question about local tax…

-- sw


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