How do I trans the site I built on XAMPP to Unbuntu?

Hello, I'm very new to these stuff…
I google this question a lot but still don't know exactly how to do it.
so…I built a WordPress website on XAMPP, and now I need to move it to Unbuntu. Can anybody tell me how to do it? I really appreciate that!!

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Hey @cindywill317. Moving your WordPress site can be tough, especially if you're moving content between distributions. I haven't done it personally, but I found some really great guides with step-by-step instructions that might point you in the right direction

Using Plesk: WordPress Migration To A New Web Hosting

From WordPress: Moving WordPress

And this guide has some great tips for migrating information to Linode: Best Practices when Migrating to Linode

From the guides, it sounds like your best bet will be to back up your data from your XAMPP server, deploy your new Ubuntu server, and then transfer the backed up information to the new server.

Okay! Thanks a lot for all these!


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