I am curious...

If Linode was in the situation as Amazon is in hosting the Parlor servers, what would Linode do in regards to the recent censoring/banning and disabling of Parler servers?

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Other than that you spelled "Parler" wrong, this is a question I'd like to see addressed too. Although honestly in today's cultural climate probably the best thing for the company would be to remain mum. Digital Ocean just preemptively took a virtue-signally politically-correct position and it's the reason I'm over here investigating Linode ;-)

I see Linode's Acceptable Use Policy and it covers the usual boiler plate. Unfortunately in a world where words have been reduced to mean whatever the hearer wants them to mean, those terms don't tell me how they would handle a situation like "the Parler dilemma". The accusation of course is that Parler was full of hate speech, but no matter what your political bent there is no doubt egregious content regularly shows up on Twitter/Facebook/Etc. in even larger volumes.

So how does Linode feel about being a platform form services that make a good faith effort to only host legal content, but through any mechanism (even if it's comment sections) end up with controversial content? Would Linode similarly –sans any legal action at all– capitulate to social pressure alone and pull the plug on a Twitter? a Facebook … a Gab? a Mastodon? a Parler?

Apparently Linode's official position is much the same as Amazon's.

Here is Linode founder and CEO saying on Twitter that he would make the same call and committing to not host them.

Well then why would I want to invest all my time and effort into building my house on a rug that can be pulled out from underneath? This is a serious problem.

I'm looking for a censorship resistant kubernetes cluster hosting, good luck finding it because the guys who want you replaced by robots have a monopoly and no heart for humanity.


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