LKE Access APIServer Audit Logs

Is there any way to access audit logs on LKE today? I need this access to audit what is happening in my cluster.

One way is via the AuditSink to register a webhook where these logs could be collected:

I'm open to another way as well, this is a very important feature for a serious k8s platform. I'd like to leverage tools that can preserve audit logs and also determine which components/users are performing API actions on my cluster.


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Linode Staff

We don't currently provide audit logs, including via AuditSink, via LKE. Our LKE team is looking into the ability to provide this information to customers, but nothing concrete has been developed quite yet. AuditSink was also removed from Kubernetes v1.19. I've passed along your feedback internally so that we make sure to consider it when planning future updates. We know how valuable this information can be and it's definitely on our radar!


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