When will my Linode expire?

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I can't seem to find any information regarding how long my Linode will last on my account. I created it today. Will it expire in 1 or 2 months from now?

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Linodes are billed at an hourly rate, and they will remain on your account until you remove them. The only situation where our system would delete Linodes from your account is if you failed to keep your account balance current over a period of time. In the event of a scenario like this, we’d always send multiple notifications (via emails and Support tickets) prior to the deletion of any of your Linode services.

It’s also important to note that we still bill for Linodes that are powered down (since we reserve their resources and maintain the data stored within them). If you’d ever like to stop the generation of charges for a particular Linode service, you’d want to ensure that you completely remove it from your account.

Our How Linode Billing Works guide provides a great overview of how we handle billing on our platform. If you haven’t already, I’d highly recommend giving it a read! :)


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