Is there anyway I can use underline styling in the Community Site?

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I'm just testing this now. You see the strange thing is that when I use underscores, the preview tab does not show the text in between underscores as underlined.

If I try to put <u>the text</u> between "<u></u>" tags, it then shows up underlined from the Preview tab. However, after posting it it looks like the content doesn't stay underlined.

Steve, brought up a good point that Markdown implementations are supposed to honor [X]HTML tags. This is from Markdown's developer:

The Markdown Cheatsheet on the right side of this input area correctly converts the "<u></u>", so it would be nice if there was anyway for folks using the site to use underline Markdown styling.


Hmm.. this is interesting… I see this section at the bottom of the Markdown Basics page. It says that wrapping the content in "<blockquote></blockquote>" should make the page to validate under XHTML 1.0 Strict. I wonder if that would allow me to underline some text content in some way.

<u>underlined text is serious business, my friend.</u>

underlined text is serious business, my friend.

Well, that seems to work in preview. I wonder if using the regular ">" to create quotes in markdown would cause any difference? Well let's see now…

<u>does it</u>?

Yupp, seems to work as well in the preview. We'll have to see what happens after this gets posted however.

And most importantly, would I be able to use other styling choices if I were to use blockquotes? Let's see what happens if I try a few more styling tags:

<u>This may or may not be underlined after it gets posted.</u>
This may or may not be bold after it gets posted.
This may or may not be italicized after it gets posted.

  • this could be a bullet-point after it gets posted. Or not.
  1. This could be an enumerated point or just something odd-looking.

How about headings??

What about headings?

Woah, woah.. calm down there, big guy.

Sorry about that.

Hmm.. I wonder how strange this might look after it's posted.

This is an H2

Here's a crazy idea..what if we used a link-like format, but used a hashtag only so it doesn't link anywhere outside, while underlining the formatted text?


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I have a support ticket logged about this. It's a known issue. I don't know what they're going to do about it or know of an ETA for a fix.

-- sw


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