Install pfsense on Linode

Hello people,

May be few of you has ready succeeded on it.
I try today to install Pfsense on a linode but without success.

Here is the following procedure i used:

Of course at differents steps i rename "FreeBSD" to "PfSense" and at step 5 i changed the command into:
curl -k | gunzip | dd of=/dev/sda

The problem is when i try to boot from my "Installer" configurations my VM always move into state "offline".

Any idea ?


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Will that ISO even work on a Linode? The info at

suggests that it won't…AWS, Azure & VMWare only. None of those describe a Linode.

You could install FreeBSD using:

and then install the pfsense app & kernel-module software on top of it. However, that's only a suggestion. I have no clue if this works or not (the FreeBSD installation works because I've done it myself). I'm not responsible for any damage you may do by following my suggestions.

-- sw

Yes if someone else who made the installation could help me that would be nice.

I think you're going to be on your own with this. The directions on how to install FreeBSD on a Linode contained in:

are pretty clear (IMHO). Installing pfsense on top of that will depend largely on what features of pfsense you want. You need to consult about that…

-- sw

Hi stevewi,

Thanks for answering. I am most looking for a firewall. (managing rule with access from same entry point)

And to be able to make all my linode machine communicate together using private IP.

@cvanngoc, I have the same error. i try
curl -k
then gunzip pfsense….iso.gz
error: no space in device. There is only 475 Mbit.

Worked fine followed FreeBSD method only, I got the usb image with serial and i gunzipped the image on a mirror then just followed it to the letter.

use it if you want, works with that image.

Follow this guide.

Do not add vlans only wan otherwise you'll be locked out.

Thank you i did.
it's working now.
I need also LAN IP. how to solve it?


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