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Hello linoders …

Right now, I want to use my linode for something quite simple.

No http or ftp (ports 80 and 25 closed), but I do need a very minimal email capacity.

I'm not planning to use a domain name here -- [email protected] seems to be adequate for incoming mail. However I need to send email out.

This is how it would work:

1. Email to [email protected] ( is hosted elsewhere) gets thoroughly filtered for spam and irrelevance (combined sequence of SpamAssassin and procmail) and is then forwarded to [email protected]

2. The 'username' mailbox is processsed periodically (cron job) by a Perl script, which does something and then replies to [email protected]

3. [email protected] then forwards the reply to the original sender.

So far (only been here a week) I haven't set up anything to send email. Can anyone recommend a good, lightweight method of handling this very simple requirement? Traffic is predicted to be fairly low.

Setup: linode 100 + Debian, apparently exim-ready.

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Answering my own question here … there is nothing else to do, except add a .forward file … | perl /home/<username>/ <path_to_perl_script></path_to_perl_script></username> The Perl script handles all the outgoing mail without a hitch.

Also one edit in /etc/exim/exim.conf

qualify_domain =

The default is

qualify_domain = 1

which will cause message to have headers like



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