Destination Host Unreachable


So this is what happens:

Linode A - Linode that is problematic.
Linode B - Production service - Working fine
Linode C - Microservice - Working fine

I am trying to resolve a strange issue that is happening right now.

I have 1 Linode that is unable to accept or send out ping requests from and to other linodes.

1.) When I try to ping Linode A from Linode B the response is "Destination Host Unreachable".
2.) When I try to ping Linode B from Linode A the response is "Destination Host Unreachable"
3.) When I try to ping Linode B from Linode C and vice versa, it works.

4.) When i try to ping linode A from my local and my coworkers local we are able to get a response.

Please help, as this problem is really starting to iritate me.

We have Runcloud running for both Linode A and B and they have the same configuration.

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Make sure the hosts that are giving Destination unreachable are not being blocked by your firewall.

-- sw

Hi steve! i dont have any firewall enabled

Arrgh! Are you a glutton for punishment!

Seriously, there may be a firewall enabled that you don't know about… the magic of systemd(8)

Can you provide the output of:

iptables -Vl    #dump IPv4 firewall to stdout
ip6tables -Vl   #dump IPv6 firewlall to stdout

for each Destination unreachable node?


-- sw


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