Linode - sudden high CPU , What to do?

i have create an linode 6 vcpu server , and install windows 2012 r2 image on it , and after install just doing some rendering stuff on it , on task manager in window the cpu usage show aroung 85% , but when i check cpu using monitor in my linode,s statics it show Around 550% plus , please it happening 2nd time with me , please some expert tell me that whats the matter it is ? and how to solve it , 1st time when this occur i just deleted the linode that i created and install again , but this happens again , please suggest me some technical advice

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The Linode CPU monitor shows % based on the total number of CPU's in use. For a 6 core Linode, the maximum available usage is 600%.

Windows Task Manager shows CPU usage based on an average of the cores available.

This means that a 6 core Linode using 510% of CPU resources would be reflected in Task Manager as about 85%.

This is not an issue that needs to be corrected, just a difference in the way the data is displayed. You can read a little more about it in this previous Community Site Post:


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