how to get my linode back to work?

I am new to linode. I have powered my linode off to do image. Then I powered it on again.
but unfortunately when I try to connect to the server through the IP address on browser, it didn't connect. Any suggestion please?

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Hey there,

Troubleshooting connectivity can definitely be a bit of a bear, as you work to rule out issues and get to the bottom. I would highly recommend starting with the below post, as it nicely outlines a number of troubleshooting steps to help you get to the bottom of why you cannot access your Linode.

The first thing you will want to do regardless of how you got about looking into this is to access the Console directly with Lish.

You can access your Lish console from the detailed view of the specific Linode in Cloud Manager. To access Lish through your browser, click “Launch Lish Console”. You will then be able to input your login credentials. As a note, Lish is out of band, so you can use your root login credentials if needed. We actually have a guide on this as well that may help you if you need additional details:

If you have any error messages or outputs you could share, it may be helpful in diagnosing the issue, since there are a variety things that can prevent accessing the Linode.

You may want to also review another post on troubleshooting SSH. The below post walks you through the troubleshooting of SSH access to your Linode.

I hope that helps, but if you continue to have issues don't be afraid to reach out to our Support team through a ticket. While configurations fall outside the normal scope of support, the team may have some additional insight they can provide you.


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