Dedicated Valheim Server on Linux

Followed GeekHead tutorial on Installing Dedicated VALHEIM Server on Ubuntu.

Server gets up and runs according to status, wondering how to make sure the port is open or if this will work on Linode boxes. Link is below to guide I followed.

Looking to allow ports while firewall is up.

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Looking to allow ports while firewall is up.

Do you mean you're going to shut it off periodically? Not a very good idea…

That being said, how you approach this depends on which "friendly front end" to ip[6]tables(8) you use… If you use ufw(8), this will be helpful:

If you don't use ufw(8), and use ip[6]tables(8) or nft(8), you're going to have to do a lot more research:

Don't be alarmed by the RedHat reference… ip[6]tables(8)/nft(8) are available for and work the same way on Ubuntu.

Be prepared to make mistakes and lock yourself out. lish/glish are your friends…

-- sw

I worked it out on my own, up and running! Plan to leave it up consistently. Just a bit hasty on my end, wasn't ports being blocked, just took a moment to appear within Steam. Thank you for the reply. This can be closed.

Good news!

Linode now has a deployable Marketplace app for Valheim. To deploy, simply click the "Create Linode" option at the top of your Dashboard, then choose the marketplace tab at the top middle menu, then click the Valheim option.


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