Is there anything I need to know before changing regions?

I was thinking of moving my node to Canada. I am in Canada, and I would like to upload some material from 1942 which is public domain in Canada, but not in the United States. Is there anything I need to know? Are server speeds comparable? Would I lose my data?

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We build our hosts, all of which must meet certain performance expectations to be operational in our fleet. This means you can expect the same level of service in all of our locations.

Cross-data center migrations are relatively safe and you should not expect to lose your data. They are not dissimilar to migration from one host to another in the same data center.

I would recommend testing the connection from our speed test page to ensure the connection speed is adequate for you.

You will get new IPv4 & IPv6 addresses, so any DNS records you have would need to be updated.

Here's what to expect with a cross-data center migration:

  • The migration will take 10-15 min per 1GB of disk space
  • Your Linode will be powered off during the migration, and all IPv4 and IPv6 addresses will change.
  • Any backups with the Linode Backup Service will not be migrated. Once your migration is complete, they will resume their existing schedule.
  • Any DNS records (including rDNS) will need to be updated. We have guides for our DNS Manager and for rDNS configuration to help with this.
  • Block Storage cannot be migrated to other regions.


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