How can I run a Ubuntu virtual machine of VMWare on a Linode?

I am running a ubuntu 16.0 virtual machine on my VMWare workstation. How can I run the Ubuntu virtual machine on your Linode? Do you only accept KVM virtual machine? Thanks.

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You have a few options here, depending on how you want to migrate your server over.

First, you could simply copy your disks from your current machine to your local computer. Once you have that image available, you could deploy it to a new Linode. This method is more straightforward, and full instructions are available in this link:

Alternatively you could opt for treating this as a custom distribution and installing it accordingly. The process is a bit more involved, though - here's the guide you would follow:

Regarding the transition from VMware to KVM, your server wouldn't be wholly compatible - you would only be able to make this transition work by copying the disks over and utilizing our hypervisor instead.


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