Different Instances in the same linode

can I setup other instances in the same linode

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Linode Staff

You can set up multiple instances on a single Linode plan, provided you have enough disk space for them -- see the Disk Images and Configuration Profiles Guide for instructions on how to set this up. However, only one configuration profile can be booted at a time.

If you want to run multiple instances through nested virtualization, this is not currently supported. However, upcoming Bare Metal Linodes will support nested virtualization.

Thank you

Hi there

I know of a way to place multiple "instances" within a single linode

It involves a bit of networking knowledge , and a bit of prep work. however it is possible.

so in short, it is possible…

I have been working a project doing just this on other cloud platforms.

I have successfully placed this environment on AWS and Google , now with Linode as well

All of this is all using open source tech…

The features so far tested

data replication over "Linode" nodes
self healing
Web based management
backups to internal and external providers
tons of image templates
and the list goes on…………

like I say needs a bit of care and planning

kind regards


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