How to delete a specific Node from a LKE Node Pool?

DigitalOcean, GCP, etc… offers the ability to delete a specific node from a node pool:

doctl kubernetes cluster node-pool delete-node "cluster-id|cluster-name" "pool-id|pool-name" "node-id" [flags]

Is this possible on Linode?

I tried

linode-cli linodes delete NODE-ID

on a LKE cluster, which put the cluster's pool in a bad state: A terminated node that still appeared active according to LKE, taking up 1 of the pool's "count".. I had to recycle the pool to remove the deadweight node..

Thank you for your time and help!

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I wish that we're able to downscale our node pool by passing a lower --count in and choosing exactly which node to remove, since my nodes are stateful and I don't want to remove random nodes when downscaling

At least it would be useful to know if resizing a node pool will predictable prioritise removing nodes that are cordoned (SchedulingDisabled) re: nodes that are Ready for scheduling.

In my recent attempt at downsizing a pool, the node that was removed was the one that was cordoned (which coincidentally was the oldest one and the one running an older version of the API), but I have no idea of whether that was intended or I just got lucky.


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