Good bye, farewell, adeiu

I'm going to be leaving Linode soon, after a good couple of years run.

Linode has been a very stable and reliable VPS for me, but I decided that the memory limitations and the io_tokens were just too much for me. Plus I had applications running on my home server that were consuming a lot of my bandwidth but which required too much disk space and performance to move to Linode.

So I bought an old 1U VA Linux system off of eBay, put two 250Gb drives in it, and partitioned it into three Xen domUs, one with 500Mb of RAM and 240Gb of disk, and two with 250Mb of RAM and 120Gb of disk. I sell the two small ones for $30/month and pay $97/month for the rack. The performance is amazingly better.

Unfortunately Xen isn't the most stable thing in the world - every couple of weeks one of the domUs starts throwing loads of ext3 errors and then I won't be able to log into the dom0, so I have to call the hosting company and have them power cycle it. But when it's running, it's a lot of memory and a lot of disk for the money.

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