appears to suggest all distributions are End-of-Life

I was checking to see the current list of supported distributions included at when I noticed something appeared a little off…

I suspect the table is built automatically as part of an image update process, but, it seems something has gone awry with regard the End-of-Life date. For every distro and version (except Alpine 3.13 and Arch) it appears that they've gone EoL in the last 5 weeks.

Distribution Last updated End-of-Life
CentOS 7 2020-05-26 2021-01-28
CentOS 8 2020-05-26 2021-02-04
CentOS Stream 8 2021-01-21 2021-01-28
Debian 9 2020-05-26 2021-01-28
Debian 10 2020-05-26 2021-02-08
Fedora 32 2020-05-27 2021-01-27
Fedora 33 2020-10-27 2021-01-27

I'm not sure if the last updated dates are correct either, but, hopefully it's an easy fix.

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Hi @dtucny - Good catch here! We'll make sure to get that information corrected. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


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