Load spikes in the last 24 hours


I've had my Linode running for 252 days now with no problem, however I've noticed two large load spikes in the last twenty four hours that I can't account for.

They were at 1506 GMT today and around 2125 GMT yesterday, the one today went to over 5 (in contrast my usual load is 0.3), it dropped my two SSH connections, pinged me out of IRC and I think dropped ~100 clients from my IRCd.

Has anyone else had similar? I'm on host7.

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Had another spike 28 minutes ago (1131 GMT), anyone else on host7 notice anything?

In the mean time I've made a ticket

Had issues with the CPU wait state sitting around 99% for a while this morning London time (wee hours of the morning USA time). But seemed to clear up.

I see it by running "top" and watching all the CPU time go to the I/O wait state - this happened about a month before due to a compromised virtual server on the same host as me.

Didn't notice any spike. Can you find out where the spikes are from?


This thread is months old, as are many of the one's you've replied to today. You may want to check to see if a conversation is still alive before you jump in and bring that thread back to the top of the "most recently changed" list.


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